Life Membership

The awarding of life membership is in recognition of people who have made a sustained and significant contribution to the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (MBSANZ).

Benefits of Life Membership

  • Recognition of sustained and significant contribution to MBSANZ;
  • Feature on the MBSANZ website as a Life Member;
  • Membership fees are waived for the duration of Life Membership;
  • Entitlement to register for MBSANZ meetings at the Student rate;
  • Contribute to MBSANZ such as through attendance at MBSANZ meetings, supporting the career development of more junior MBSANZ members and reviewing grants and manuscripts for MBSANZ members;
  • A recognised advocate of the MBSANZ and its members.

General principles to be considered for Life Membership

  1. The granting of Life Membership is a great honour and should not be treated lightly. On average, one or less Life Memberships are likely to be awarded each year.
  2. Life Membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees must be considered individually and on their personal attributes and achievements and not in comparison with others.
  3. Granting of Life Membership will be assessed on the balance of contributions by the individual. Criteria are provided for guidance, with the overall contribution of the nominee evaluated. There will be some subjectivity in the granting of Life Membership with the nominee strengths against the various criteria likely to vary. Some nominees will be extremely strong in some criteria but weaker against others, others will be more rounded.
  4. Life Membership is reserved for those who have made a significant contribution for an extended period of time to the MBSANZ.

Criteria to be considered in granting Life Membership

  1. Length of active membership. To have contributed to the MBSANZ to the degree necessary for Life Membership, a nominee will have been a Member and involved with the Society for a significant time. While there is no 'minimum' period of membership, a period of at least 15 years' active membership is an indicator of a long-term commitment.
  2. Positions held and length of time. The nominee should have made a demonstrable and significant contribution to the MBSANZ over a majority of those years of membership. This may include significant contributions (a) while holding positions on the Executive (membership does not by itself constitute a significant contribution); (b) to the education/mentoring/training of younger members; and/or (c) to advancing the cause of the MBSANZ.
  3. Capacity for continued contribution to the MBSANZ. The nominee should be able to continue to contribute to the MBSANZ such as through attendance at MBSANZ meetings, supporting the career development of MBSANZ members and reviewing grants and manuscripts for MBSANZ members.

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations for Life Membership may be lodged at any time with the Public Officer. The nominator must provide a written submission addressing how the nominee measures up against the Life Membership criteria. A person can be nominated and seconded for Life Membership by any current member of MBSANZ.
  2. The Public Officer promptly passes the nomination to the President who Chairs the Life Membership subcommittee which comprises the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President and Public Officer. Should a member of the subcommittee not be available for a substantial part of the period allocated for consideration, the remaining members may co-opt another subcommittee member with suitable background.
  3. The subcommittee considers the nomination against the Life Membership criteria and General principles. Each nomination is considered on its merits. In considering the nomination, members of the subcommittee are not influenced by any personal relationship with the nominee and do not make direct comparisons with other Life Members, nominees or persons not nominated. The subcommittee may request additional information from the nominator if that would assist its deliberations. If the nominee is a member of the Life Membership subcommittee, the nominee will stand aside and the remaining subcommittee members will co-opt another suitable member.
  4. The subcommittee will decide whether or not to grant the nominee Life Membership and provide its decision to the Executive within three months of receipt of the nomination. The subcommittee must provide a statement of reasons for the decision. The decision may address any other relevant aspects of the proposed Life Membership (e.g. method and timing of its granting and announcement).
  5. The decision will be ratified at the next AGM, and successful awardees invited to attend the meeting to be presented with their award and given the opportunity to present at the meeting.

Forfeiture of Life Membership

Life Membership may be forfeited upon any failure to observe the MBSANZ Constitution, by the Life Member undertaking activities/actions that bring the MBSANZ into disrepute, or evidence that the Life Member no longer meets the criteria for Life Membership. It will be forfeited upon the passing of a special resolution for the removal from Life Membership by the Life Membership subcommittee.