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Our Charter

The charter of the MBSANZ is to foster research on all aspects of the extracellular matrix of connective tissues. With over 100 members, the society embraces a broad spectrum of scientific interests including:

  • the physical, chemical and structural analysis of matrix macromolecules
  • the identification of mutations in matrix molecules which cause disease
  • mechanisms of regulating matrix synthesis, assembly and degradation
  • and the biology of cell-matrix and matrix-matrix interactions and their roles in modulating development and cellular expression.

Message from the President

Welcome to the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand! Our Society has a long, distinguished history of furthering the understanding of and promoting matrix biology research in our region and internationally. The extracellular matrix is an important player in the development, maintenance, pathology and repair of almost every organ in our body. Our members are active researchers with a broad spectrum of interests where the study of the extracellular matrix leads to new fundamental knowledge as well as applications for health.

As a society we possess a wealth of knowledge about the extracellular matrix and can connect you with the most appropriate experts for your application, so contact us! To quote Morpheus from The Matrix: ‘The Matrix is everywhere’! I encourage you to connect with us to demystify the matrix and become involved in the society though our events, awards and outreach activities.

Associate Professor Megan Lord
President, MBSANZ

Executive Committee

Role Name
Associate Professor Megan Lord, UNSW Sydney
Vice President
Dr Thomas Cox, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Public Officer
Dr Sue McGlashan, University of Auckland
Dr Brooke Farrugia, University of Melbourne
Treasurer Associate Professor Larisa Haupt, Queensland University of Technology
Immediate Past President
Professor Chris Little, University of Sydney


Role Name
Communications Officer Yu Suk Choi, University of Western Australia
Heba Urban, University of Sydney
Student/Early career researcher representative Yazmin Brown, University of Newcastle


Past Presidents:

1975 - 1976 Barry Preston

1977 - 1979 Bob Fraser

1980 - 1982 Dennis Lowther

1983 - 1984 Peter Ghosh

1985 - Michael Flint

1986 - 1988 Ted Cleary

1989 - 1990 Bill Cole

1991 - 1993 Barry Preston

1994 - 1996 John Bateman

1997 - 1999 Tony Poole

2000 - 2002 Rik Thompson

2003 - 2004 Margaret Smith

2005 - 2006 Greg Harper

2007 - 2008 Shireen Lamande

2009 - 2011 John Whitelock

2012 - 2013 Amanda Fosang

2014 – 2016 Tony Weiss

2017 – 2018 Chris Little

MBSANZ Constitution

To view a copy of the Society's Constitution please click here.