MBSANZ Annual Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. December 4-7, 2018

We would like to invite you to come and enjoy some kiwi-inspired matrix biology in sunny New Zealand this December. The conference will be held at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland, with one day offsite amongst the beautiful vines at the University’s Goldie Winery on Waiheke Island.

We have a wide range of all things matrix, including sessions on: Therapeutics, Biomaterials and Biofabrication, Imaging, Neuroscience and, Matrix and Disease. We will also be sharing one day with delegates from the Australasian Biomechanics Society to explore all things ‘Mechanobiology’!

We have a great line up of confirmed international and local speakers, including:

Matt Hoffman (NIH, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, USA)
Larry Sherman (Oregon Health and Science University, USA)
Joanne Tipper (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Kathryn Stok (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Carl Flannery (Bioventus, USA)
Kris Killian (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Toshiro Ohashi (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Cameron Brown (QUT, Australia)

Registration and abstract submission are open now at and follow us on Twitter @matrixbioanz for updates! For any further information please contact the local organising committee or the through the conference website .

Conference Manager:
alex harvey
event services
the university of auckland

Conference Chair:
sue mcglashan
the university of auckland

Previous MBSANZ Meetings

2017 Melbourne Meeting, November 17, 2017

On behalf of the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand we would like to invite you to join us in Melbourne for a local scientific meeting followed by the AGM of the Society. The conference will be held at the Larwill Hotel, 48 Flemington Road, Parkville (within the Royal Childrens Hospital complex) on Friday, November 17.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Prof Andy Carr , Director, Botnar Research Centre, University of Oxford “Mechanisms of inflammation in tendinopathy”
Dr Daniel Heath , School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne. “Designing ECM mimetic materials”
Assoc Prof Natalie Sims, Associate Director, St Vincent’s Institute Medical Research, University of Melbourne. “Using the synchrotron to study the regulation of bone matrix mineralization”
Dr Kate Poole , School of Medical Sciences, University of NSW. “Activation of mechanosensitive channels at the cell-substrate interface”

The day long program (10.00-17.00) will be divided into 4 sessions, and in addition to keynote presentations, there will be ample time for short talks chosen from submitted abstracts. There will be no poster presentations, but students/postdocs are encouraged to submit abstracts for short “3-minute thesis” style presentations in a dedicated session. The MBSANZ AGM will follow the scientific presentations at 17.00. We welcome abstracts on all aspects of ECM biology. We are keen to include areas where the extracellular matrix is emerging as a key issue. For example, interactions of stem cells with ECM, ECM disease mechanisms, new functional matrices in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

2016 Annual Meeting, 20 - 23 November

The tranquil setting of the Liz Kernohan Conference Centre at the University of Sydney Camden Campus was the location for the retreat-style conference .

Outstanding international and national speakers explored exciting topics of significance to health and disease where the extracellular matrix and matrix biology play critical roles, such as:
  • Fibrosis - Raghu Kalluri (University of Texas)
  • Pain - Anne-Marie Malfait (Rush University)
  • Neural development and plasticity – Roger Pocock (Monash University)
  • Glycomics - Jerry Turnbull (University of Liverpool)

Plus a host of other matrix-related themes including genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, invasion and metastasis, and tissue engineering.

A copy of the conference flyer is available here.